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Graphics & Branding

“Nicole has been my 'go-to' girl. Her technical skills, knowledge and insight to the industry are incomparable and I have struggled to find anyone else that can offer her fashion services to such a high standard as she does."


With an eye for colour, layout, design and balance, Nicole's built a solid portfolio in graphic design.​​

Understanding your brand is the basis of good design communication which in turn enhances the publics' understanding of it, and connection to it.

Nicole works with her clients to identify their business objectives, and understand their communication problems, to then implement visual communication solutions to reach those objectives and grow their businesses.


Who are you and who do you want to reach? What do you want to say, and in what tone? The answers to these questions will always be evident in the visual cues, colour, layout and language of the work she creates. Nicole prides herself in having the creative flexibility to visually communicate to varied industries and audiences with clarity.

She works with varied clients nationally, based in both small rural towns to big cities, reaching varied audiences from fashion and hospitality to corporate and manufacturing. She can easily diversify to reflect the style and tone of your brand that your customers will connect with.


She has built long lasting relationships with her clients, and prides herself on approaching each project with equal importance, no matter the scope of the work. ​

>  Company Logos

>  Stationary

>  Invitations

>  Marketing Material

>  Lookbooks

>  Swingtags & Woven Labels

>  Signage

>  Packaging

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