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Full Concept Projects

“Nicole is so incredibly talented. She transforms a concept into something way beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you for always elevating my brand and working so holistically with genuine love on each part of the project. I am so blown away and grateful." 


project 1


Hotel Chadstone, Melbourne.

The simplicity in the design represents a shift to becoming more open and present. Spacious and visually calming, like the release of the breath, with a colour palette that is grounded to earth and nature.

Holism explores the theory that the parts of the whole are in intimate interconnection. Each part impacting the other. And so the intention should be to explore the self as a whole.

The supporting symbol is created from three parts representing the body, mind and breath, with each of the three parts interconnecting to create the whole - the physical, mental and spiritual as one.


> Brand Logo

> Brand symbol

> Stationary - menu, gift card, business card

> Brand Identity imagery - social & web

> Packaging

> Marketing & Advertising material

> Staff uniforms

project 2

GELATO by d'Asporto

Murray Street, Yarraville Vic 3013

The intent was to imbue the Mediterranean summer along the Amalfi coastline right into the heart of Melbourne. Sun-washed pastel buildings, terracotta and marble, weathered brick and bountiful bougainvillea, the winding roads cutting around vertical cliffs between timeworn villages, and secluded pebble beaches. As you indulge in your gelato, you want to imagine that's exactly where you are.

Atrani embodies all of this and more, and so I felt compelled to hand-paint a covetable vista of this summer paradise on the wall to set the scene.

D'Asporto translates to 'take-away' in Italian, so the idea was not one of lingering, just a space that is all about paying homage to the authentic artisan gelato.


> Interior design

> Brand logo & symbol

> Packaging - gelato cups, sticker, greaseproof paper

> Signage - menu. internal & external illuminated

> Staff uniforms

More info - Full concept projects

You can engage Nicole for as little or as much as you need. Perhaps it's just your logo, or perhaps it will turn out to be the whole shebang, as these projects demonstrate. She can be your graphic designer, interior designer, artist and more. 

Nicole's versatility as a designer has seen her build meaningful and long-standing relationships with her clients. As their businesses evolve and flourish, her multi-disciplinary talents and an integrative approach ensures all elements of the business are aligned and reflect the brand image and vision within the marketplace. 


Her aim is to create meaningful and emotional connections between your customer and your brand. Her holistic approach ensures their experience is seamless by designing into one clear identity and message and considering how each element relates to the other simultaneously. 


Nicole's a listener, a visual problem solver and loves sinking her teeth into projects with the challenges of many working parts. Her vision will always be reflective of, and meaningful to to each individual brand. Therefore no two projects are the same. 

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